Friday, June 29, 2007

Who are all these lovely women?

Guests were greeted by signs from the past. The Last Laugh followed by our own Laugh Again were the welcome signs pointing the way to Girls Night Out Summer '07. Further down the walk, the tone of the evening was set by a third sign "Still Laughing". And laugh we did!

Once inside, the days deluge was apparent. The sign tells the complete story.
A persistent rain or threat thereof, kept everyone but yours truly, the cook and his partner in crime, Steve Hubbins, husband of Pat's best girlfriend, Jackie from Texas, crowded inside. (do you follow that ? I think I need a diagram.) Our original plans included primary seating outside at three outside tables but Mother Nature changed those plans fast! Everyone made the best of it and I didn't hear any complaints about the crowding - actually, the noise level was so high, I couldn't hear much of anything. I wonder if that was indicative of the fact that many of us are not hearing as clearly as in years go by.

I had made a promise not to do my normal stalking with camera in hand, so pictures are limited. I asked before shooting and looked for volunteer groups to share with all you out there.

Can you name the 4 Janets below? Use the comments option at the end of the post. If you don't want to bother with the comments, just send me an e-mail and I will post the guesses.

We had two special guests at the party and it was hard to believe they were in their 80's. They definitely get around easier than Pat and I. The Carmody sisters (Jeanne on the left and Mary in the middle) who taught business classes at SHS are pictured here with Pat.

JH-JU-JY-JM-JN You know the drill.

Below, Becky Posnak (now Woodhull), Carol Cooley (now Bloemer), and Connie Case (now Ohare) shared memories from Jefferson Jr. High. There were a couple other cameras at the party and hopefully, their owners will share more pictures. I will post all of my shots along with others received, on the website with a link posted here. So, here they are, the girls of SHS class of 64. I still don't know who they are but Pat promises a list to post later. So for now, get out the Capitoline and see how many you can recognize. Check back in a few days and you can see who you got right. "no clue?" That's how I felt as they walked in. If you click on the picture, it will bring up a larger view. When you are finished, click the back arrow on your browser to return here.

The signs are down, and the guests gone home but the memories of the past will last long into the future - along with the leftover hamburgers and hot dogs!

NOTE: be sure to click on the comments section below. There is already one comment - thanks Connie and I am sure there will be more. Hint Hint. I have several e-mail comments that I will add also. Guys, when Connie says the girls of 64 are still hot, she is not exaggerating. Next time, I plan to wear a shirt with the notation. "Hug your photographer, he can make you look good!"

In the comments below, Connie so graciously noted that I tried to fit in by dressing appropriately. I wore my best dirty apron - actually, it is my ONLY apron and is probably due for the yearly washing. I think I missed last year. Actually, I can't remember ever washing it. I'm trying to draw your attention to the apron and away from the grandma wig. Wow, those things are hot and itchy. Anyway, here is the picture as promised. - I didn't say I would make it big. I'm big enough without a wide screen picture.

Dulany's twin sister


Connie said...

Dulaney is being modest here...the party was fantastic!! We had a blast!! The rain was a GOOD kept us cooled down. My gosh....this bunch of SHS '64 ladies is hotter than ever! I'm so thankful to all that have kept these quarterly reunions going by opening up their homes (and occasionally throwing in the odd husband or two to help out....and by "odd" i remember Dulaney, so you know what i mean!) It's been so much fun getting reacquainted with everyone and catching up on the last few decades. The "Laugh Again" motto that a few of our crazier '64 Y chromosome classmates painted on the old smoke stack turned out to be very appropos. What a great class we had!
Please....pass the word about this site and all the links to the great info Dulaney is keeping posted for us. I'll be sending in some photos of classmates, including one of Dulaney as short-order cook last night that he HAS to post now that i've told you all to watch for it.
Connie (Case) Ohare

Anonymous said...

Hi Dulany and Patti, It looks like the party was a success. How neat to see the Carmody sisters are still with us. I had Mary for shorthand, maybe typing I'm not sure.
Well I saw some recognizable faces and others I'm sure you could knock me over with a feather, only not right this second, we had such a huge lunch that I doubt a bulldozer could do that job! I am guessing left to right Janet Cobb, Janet Mellinger, Janet Boosinger and Janet Smock. It was the last one that really got me.......I'm glad my life doesn't depend on getting this right.
It looks like all the gals were having a great time.
I presume it was Connie who took a picutre of you and has not sent it to you yet. I will be anxious to see that.
I'm not sure what it is about this particular decade that makes us want to look back so carefully on our lives except that we're most likely past the half way mark. Hanging on a to a piece of our youth has become increasingly important to us as our own nests have emptied and baby birds have flown. We have more time for reflection now.
Kudos to the two of you for keeping the Classmates of
64 connected. Love, Becky McClure Cochran

Anonymous said...

For now, I will just say your answer is not correct.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for including us at your get-tegether. We really enjoyed seeing you and your classmates and reminiscing!! You were gracious hosts!!! Jeanne and Mary Carmody

Anonymous said...

OK...i have sent a picture of our short order cook from last night to the webmaster/blogmaster. Since it was GIRLS night out, he was supposed to appear in a dress. But the apron, bare legs and silver tresses were probably as close to drag as any of us would have wanted to see! Now he had better post the picture!!

Anonymous said...

I heard about your party from Georgia Sweet Dirksen -- how wonderful it was!!! Sorry I missed it. I checked the blog & tried to print a comment but I don't think it "took." Every time I tried to submit it, it just came back on the screen. I tried to log in a anonymous and one of the other choices but none seemed to work.

I'm glad you had such a great turn-out. And the Carmody sisters!!! Wow, I would have loved to have been there. I had Jeanne Carmody for 4th grade & I even went to her wedding -- is she still married???? And what a great groups of gals. Next time!!!!

Hans & I are fine -- getting ready to go on our Mediterranean cruise. Next Saturday! Hooray! I'm ready...well, I still have to pack.
Take care. Please tell Dulany that I vote for an email directory -- Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I took off the password verification. Let's see if we have any trouble with automated spam.

Remember the comment I made about the photographer's ability to make you look better. Well, the picture of me, the cook, was stretched to make me taller and hence thinner. Wish it were that easy. If you make it this far in the blog, you deserve the true picture. Just click on it,(the picture on the blog) the larger version that displays is in true proportions.

Now to see if this posts correctly.

update: It seemed to work fine but it does require javascript. So, if you have disabled that in the security settings on your computer, or if you don't have javascript loaded on your computer, you can not post. Nothing I can do about that. If that happens just send me your comment and I will post it for you.


Dulany F Sriner said...

Nancy sent a follow-up. Some of it duplicates the e-mail I posted previously. Some is new so I'm posting it again.

From Nancy:
Hey all SHS'ers who attended Pat & Dulany's party -- I heard from Georgia Sweet Dirksen what a terrific party you had! Sorry I missed it. I was especially sorry to have missed seeing the Carmody sisters. I had Jeanne Carmody as my 4th grade teacher. I even remember going to her wedding. I can't imagine nowadays dropping a 4th grader off at a downtown Springfield church -- by herself -- to go to a teacher's wedding...but that's exactly what my parents did. Oh well it was a different time then.

As far as identifying all the classmates in the photos -- I'm afraid I need nametags. I certainly will try to attend the next gathering! Sounds like oh, so much fun! Thanks to Pat & Dulany for being the SHS classmates glue!
Sincerely, Nancy Skadden Feld, Sturgeon Bay, WI

"Oh Hay-Edwards, dear Hay-Edwards, you're the school I love..."
Where's Tara Turner and Chara Henard????

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!!! Three of the people I should have married in the same picture.

Dulaney, keep 'em coming. Who would of thunk a guy who painted his car with a broom could have this much tech savvy?

Kevin Burke

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kevin, I've got one of them but you might not be too late for Jeanne and Mary.

AS for the paint job, one squirt from the windshield squirters and who cared about the running metalic flake.

Just for the record, I painted two more cars after that and they looked pretty good if I say so myself. And it was the same broom. Nice to hear from you.


Dulany F Sriner said...

Group picture Identity key:
Front row (Left to right) Carol (Cooley) Bloemer; Jeanne Carmody; Carol(Kuhn) Shehorn; Pat (Saladino)Sriner; Becky(Posnak) Woodhull
Middle: Janet (Cobb) Myers; Bonnie (Lewis) McWood; Kathy (Putting) Wallman; Sandy Turner; Carol (Lambert) Jones; Jan (Mellinger) Peebles; Jan Gingold; Jackie (Ogle) Hubbins (Moved away Sophomore yr)
Back row: Georgia (Sweet) Dirken; Judee (Lindsay) Ciota; Nancy (Wierzbicki) Woods; Connie (Case) Ohare; Kathy (Kubish) Wozniak; Charlene Ruckles; Janet (Boosinger) Wall; Mary Carmody; Gail (Grant) Record; Lois (Pelham) Wolters; Patty (Yates) Sams

If I typed your name wrong, let me know and I will correct it. While speaking of spelling, Dulany has no "e".

Jan Gingold said...

Dulany and Pat -
Thanks so much for being such great hosts for the BBQ reunion!! As soon as I saw "The Last Laugh" poster on your porch, I started LAUGHING!!!! And the "Laugh Again" sign was super.
But the best part of all was US!!!! I think all of us girls look FABULOUS - and so does Ms. Dulae/Dulany (with or without a wig and apron, you are terrific, and will always be "one of the girls" - well, maybe you don't want to be?).
Pat, thanks for scheduling this when I was in town - this really made my trip very special! I had a chance to catch up with some incredible ladies. Emails are wonderful for scheduling and catching up, aren't they?
Tx for the pic of the 4 Janets!
Jan Gingold
"Janet" from Tucson, AZ